CPT-207 Airborne Digital Video Recorder

A digital video recorder shown at a 45 degree angle.

The CPT-207 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is one of a long line of Airborne Video Recorders developed to support Caledonian Airborne Systems Scorpio Mission Systems employed on a wide range of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters in the maritime surveillance role. These recorders have been employed for the recording of Caledonian’s own mission computer’s video output; however the hardware is equally capable of working as a standalone unit interfacing with multiple video interfaces including composite video from electro optical systems plus associated mission audio. The latest generation has kept pace with the transition from standard to high definition video and is capable of handling video encountered in current state-of-the-art mission systems.

A digital video recorder in operation.

The CPT-207 DVR is the smallest, lightest, lowest power, and simplest member of the Scorpio family of recorders offering recording of up to full HD resolution video with associated audio.

Main Features:

The design has been operationally proven on a wide range of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft including Reims / Cessna F-406, Fokker F27, Beechcraft B-200, Eurocopter Fennec through Sikorsky Sea King

  • Digital video input at up to 1080p60 resolution
  • Recording at up to 1080p30 resolution
  • Synchronised audio channel
  • Simple or zero (fire-and-forget) user interface Option or Traditional Transport Interface (Play, Stop FF, Rew, Pause)
  • A control panel for the digital video recorder.
  • Records video to standard avi file format for ease of replay on most hardware platforms
  • Snapshot feature via local or remote button can provide convenient significant video event marker
  • BITE fault and disk full warning provisions
  • Connectors are miniature lightweight triple start ratchet coupling type designed for avionics, aerospace and military applications
  • Aircraft power requirement +28 VDC at 20 Watts maximum


  • Chassis or DZUS panel mount options
  • Video Input Options:
    • HDMI / Single link DVI-D VESA compatible digital
    • Analogue DVI-I “VGA” VESA compatible video input
    • Composite video input in PAL / NTSC / RS-170 formats
  • Optional NVIS compatibility
  • Storage
    • 1TB SSD storage version with Mission System interface
    • 128GB standard storage via high endurance dual SD cards providing many hours of full HD recording
  • Complex units capable of recording the entire mission scenario consisting of mission data, multiple digital or analogue radar and mapping the display video with operator audio voice over soundtrack tightly integrated within the full Scorpio® mission system.
A control panel for the digital video recorder.