Maritime Patrol Aircraft


JETSTREAM 41 in flight.

This program was ground breaking on many levels. Firstly, two Jetstream 41's were converted from civil passenger configuration to Airborne Maritime Surveillance configuration for a Leading European Military organisation. Secondly, the airborne maritime surveillance equipment integrated was exceptional.

Each aircraft contains five highly sophisticated consoles with excellent comfort and ergonomic design. Two nineteen inch displays are provided for four out of the five consoles. All consoles are connected by a variety of different data buses, not to mention significant integration with flight deck displays and instruments - all of which are provided on a failsafe basis.

JETSTREAM 41 in flight.

Such is the degree of satisfaction with the end product, it is understood that the mission profile has been expanded over the original brief.

The End User is exceeding the operational 2000FH point prior to the summer of 2012. A remarkable achievement of the French endeavours.

Consoles installed on jestream 41.

In March 2013 the JS-41 MPAs revisited Caledonian at Aberdeen Airport and conducted Test Flights for the Scorpio Mission System next stage of Operational developments.

Not only did the embodied data distribution systems prove highly optimal, elegant and fast, but has also proven to be very reliable.

JETSTREAM 41 in flight.

Despite the interdependence of so many systems the Total Availability of the aircraft is very high and compares exceptionally well with considerably less sophisticated passenger aircraft. This is further enhanced by the fact that Caledonian's support is second to none as is its mission computer serviceability track record.

Consoles installed on jestream 41.

The degree of cooperation with the Customer and End User was exceptional. The modification was performed in Caledonian’s premises in Aberdeen. Caledonian was pleased to host members from the Customer organisation during the embodiment phase of the project. Organisations worked seamlessly to deliver this sophisticated and challenging achievement.

First Ever 360° E-SCAN Radar Installation on a Helicopter

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Another world first achieved by Caledonian Airborne Systems, the first ever 360° E-scan Radar Installation on a helicopter. The Installation carried out by Caledonian in the host country of the End User.

The installation includes the integration of the Caledonian Scorpio Mission System including deep integration with SeaSpray radar, INS-GPS and Aircraft NAV Systems.

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Mission System includes live and real time diagnostic system monitoring of essential systems as well as Multipage Displays for Radar Systems Operator, Tactical Systems Operator and Multipage Flight Deck Display for flight crew.

Both the specification of the Equipment supplied as part of the Scorpio Mission System and range of features exceeded the obligatory input defined by the Contract. The desire by Caledonian in this program was to furnish the End User an asset that would play a pivotal role in their organisation.

B-200 on the ground.

To complement the three console Mission System on the two SH-3D Seakings, Caledonian also supplied the Mission System, Integration and installation on B-200’s for the same organisation.

Seaking aircraft

This program had a number of significant challenges, all of which were successfully addressed by Caledonian. Notably one of the challenges relates to heat management strategies that were required to enable a unique and advanced radar system to operate.

Helicopter on the ground.

The End Product realised the ambitions of the End User to embody a significant upgrade to their assets, the performance of which has been repeatedly proven in exercise after exercise.

Aircraft in a hanger.

From South America to the Far East, Caledonian have designed, integrated Complex Aircraft Modifications complimented with Caledonian’s Scorpio Mission System. In the image opposite Caledonians’ team installed an EASA Radar in a Fokker F-27. This was achieved on time and within budget.

The upgrade included embodiment of a number of Caledonian’s Mission Computers and 19” displays.

Scorpio Mission system equipment installed on F27 aircraft.

While on this occasion the End User wished to retain the existing Consoles, Caledonian’s team were able to integrate seamlessly with the existing systems and mechanical constraints, making optimum use of the existing Console real-estate.

Scorpio Mission System installed on B200 aircraft.

The aforementioned B-200 was also fitted with highly advanced E-scan radar, the integration designed by Caledonian’s Sub Part J Design Office. The Scorpio Mission System designed and manufactured by Caledonian upgraded the Airborne Maritime Surveillance capabilities of the aircraft by several orders of magnitude. The integration included he interface with advanced Opto-electronic surveillance systems to compliment the highly advanced E-scan Radar.

Bringing all this data together and providing meaningful real-time data, as well as comprehensive removable data, is the Scorpio Mission System, also equipped with Satcom data and voice communications system embedded within the Scorpio Mission System.