Our Capabilities

Caledonian has a very wide spectrum of capabilities realised under one roof. Caledonian has EASA 21 Sup Part G, Sup Part J and CAA 145 Approvals. A list of approvals and STC’s can be found here. Approvals

Caledonian designs a wide range of aircraft equipment product lines from first principles, to component level and has an impressive portfolio of IPR. The company excels at the design and production of equipment specifically designed for aerospace applications.

This includes:

  • Advanced Airborne Maritime Surveillance RTOS Mission Computers
  • Track While Scan Radar Enhancements
  • ADELT Distress Beacons / Systems
  • Low Data Latency Data Converters and analysers
  • Video Converters / manipulation / scalers / analysers
  • Advanced Aerospace Displays
  • Integral and Stand-alone Aerospace DVRs

Within this range of products there are displays that operate to +90℃, conversion products that operate below -55℃, computational architectures that have considerable processing throughput with disproportionately low power, low emissions, low volume and high accuracy.

Caledonian has been investing in its aerospace technology for decades and continually builds on this impressive back catalogue.

The Company is a technological leader in ADELT Distress Beacon design, Supply and Integration. The Company’s CPT-900 Beacon has accumulated over Five Million Flying hours on platforms ranging from Allouette to ATR-42.

Caledonian’s capabilities also extend to Aircraft Design Capability where a number of elegant and well devised STC’s and Modifications have been designed and embodied on aircraft. A more comprehensive list can be found here. Approvals

Within this umbrella Caledonian has designed advanced and optimised Console work Stations and Radomes for Airborne Maritime Surveillance Applications.

To compliment all of the above Caledonian supplies Comprehensive Operator and Maintenance Training, and frequently embodies significant modifications in the host country of the End User.

The following illustrates some additional capability examples:

  • Installation Design "STC"
  • Systems & Equipment Design
  • Production & Manufacture
  • Equipment Repairs: JAR-EASA 145
  • In-service Support Maritime & Border Patrol Aircraft
  • Mission System Ground & Day / Night Training
  • Product Support
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Installation Including Military Aircraft Installations
  • Military Aircraft Major and Minor Integration, Installation and Certification.
  • Glass Cockpit Conversion
  • TCAS
  • Transponders
  • TWS / AIS / ADS-B