Scorpio Mission System

JETSTREAM 41 in flight.

Caledonian’s signature mission systems Scorpio, has a proven and outstanding track record in delivering unique and custom solutions for maritime surveillance operators in over 4 continents. For over 30 years, Caledonian has designed, manufactured, integrated and installed advanced avionics equipment in numerous aircraft almost always exceeding the desired requirements and specifications.

As an OEM of high specification avionic equipment, Caledonian is in the prime position to deliver complete solutions to fulfil requirements for specific aircraft roles.

With the flexibility of the systems produced, the Scorpio Mission System can be used for the following roles (but not limited to):

  • Maritime Surveillance and Coastal Protection
  • SAR
  • Protection
  • Customs and law enforcement
  • Signal Intelligence
  • Fisheries Production
  • Anti-pollution surveillance
Demonstration console of a scorpio mission system.

The console opposite has been installed in a number of aircraft. In this configurations there is a 19” Display equipped with Picture in Picture / by Picture and channel selection displaying OE Sensors, Radar, Moving Map, Specialised Mission Graphics and Symbology, a “fire and forget” DVR with days of HD recording capacity, advanced and elegantly multiplexed pointing and input devices, seamless SATCOM integration to Caledonian’s Scorpio Satcom System (Mission data, diagnostic and voice), Advanced Radar Enhancement, Intercom control and a stowable table. Notably the Console, designed and manufactured by Caledonian, can also accommodate four Mission Computer LRU’s and the entire assembly has a mass of less than 30kg.

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Typically the items used & installed are derived from our Products range, but in addition Caledonian has the capability and knowledge to integrate with a number of external sensors and other platforms to deliver an advanced and flexible solution. The following are an example of equipment Caledonian can integrate with:

  • Multimode Radar (multiple manufactures)
  • Electro Optic sensors
  • Real Time DATA LINKS (LOS & BLOS)
  • ADS-B
  • AIS
  • FMS
An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Alongside the system design office, Caledonian also has an aircraft modification department which can produce and perform the installation. Meaning all of the processes require for a system installation are completely handled in house.

Caledonian’s 21 Sub Part G and Sub Part J approvals, and in particular the scope of Approvals therein enable the company to facilitate and provide solutions for a wide scope of the Mission System. This includes design and supply of advanced (and patented) Radome Technology, Elegant low mass high capability Console Design, Avionics racks and equipment such as Mission Computers, Specialised pointing and input devices, Displays, DVR, Radar Enhancements, Converters, Data Decoding, Distribution, Extraction, Moving Map Systems, OE integrations and so on

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Caledonian’s Mission Systems are also sufficiently adaptable that they can be used in retrofit / upgrades to existing systems. In the past a Mission System Upgrade of existing consoles has resulted in 8 to 10 times increase in coverage and surveillance yield, largely due to the application of Caledonian’s advanced radar enhancement, but also in terms of the significantly improved user interface.

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

Caledonian has delivered a number of different Console / Mission System configurations. On smaller twin turbo prop aircraft, such as the F-406, this is typically a single console with a two to three displays, complimented with video transmissions from the System Operator Console to the Flight Deck crew. Beechcraft B-200 integrations of Mission Systems and Sensors has typically included two consoles equipped with integral Mission Computer LRU’s and Displays as well as a separate Avionics Rack to facilitate the requirement for additional Mission Computers in line with Customer requirements. The Jetstream JS-41 integration includes five consoles with twin 19” Displays. Rotary wing installations are typically equipped with two Consoles, and in some instances a third Sonar Console. The smallest aircraft to be equipped with elements of the Scorpio Mission System is the AS-555 Fennec. With a total crew of two and very limited volume this configuration of the Scorpio Mission System has a great deal of capability for an aircraft of its size.

An example of a scorpio mission system installed on an aircraft.

In the image opposite the rotary wing aircraft is equipped with two consoles, both with multiple displays. The console on the left is fitted with three displays, two of which can be multiplexed and display different video in Picture in Picture mode and so on. There are also a dedicated display that although has multiple pages is only used to display essential Mission data and parameters. As is often the case this configuration is unique to this aircraft and the architecture has been devised by Caledonian in line with End User requirements, which resulted in an elegant and highly capable arrangement.